Thursday, December 29, 2011

Helene's non-playables

* Love Interest *
Wolfram van Schröder
Wolfram is a renowned composer from the musical capital of Vienna. Wolfram's father had been the royal composer to the Austrian Emperor, before his recent death. Wolfram has now taken on his father's wealthy estate, however he has no real interest in it. Wolfram maybe a gifted composer, but he has a rather shaky reputation. He is known as somewhat of a celebrity, and he has a tendency for the over-dramatic and lavish lifestyle. Wolfram's poor mother wishes he would marry, but he has yet to find a woman who could tame him. He recently came to England to vacation and find new inspiration for his music.
Model: Ben Hill
Status: Reserved for Helene Wilson (radio-surgery) - Open to flirting and philandering before though ;D pm me 
* Helene's Brother (available love interest for someone) *
Homer Wilson
Homer is the eldest son to the Baronet, Sir Polidor Wilson; his younger sister is Miss Helene Wilson. Homer grew up in a strict home making him polite, calm, and quite the gentlemen. However he can come off as a bit shy and hard to read but once you get through his shell, Homer is truly a good man. Homer's best known around the female circles as possibly being the best hunter in England, the fact he will one day inherit his father's very fine estate,and Baronet title. 
Model: James McAvoy
Status: OPEN

* Helene's arranged fiance *
Viscount Brose Howsham
Viscount Brose Howsham is, simply put, a harsh and realistic person. He does not believe in the frivolities of romance, even though he is quite the womanizer behind closed doors. Howsham is a well respected man, but many do fear him. Young women throw themselves at him over his wealth and power, which makes him arrogant while sating his lust. However to gain better standing, and an heir, he has sought a wife. Howsham approached his dear friend Baronet Wilson, knowing he has been trying to marry his daughter off for some time now. Howsham was thrilled to learn of the girl's beauty, but still has plans to keep his philandering ways, because what is just one woman when you can have many.
Model: Gary Oldman (film: Immortal Beloved)
Status: Engaged to Helene Wilson - OPEN to a mistress, and physical relationships (pm radio-surgery)