Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gatsby Connors ~
Age: 19
No one really knows where this handsome rogue came from, only that he is a southern gentlemen from old money. He showed up at the manor a few months ago, he met with Lord Dunraven briefly and then suddenly began renting a room in the mansion. As stated before no one knows what strange circumstances have brought this man to Hallow'd Haven, or even the Dunraven Estate for that matter, but the girls do not seem to mind having a mysterious and debonair man around.
Looks like: Anthon Wellsjo

Abel Girard ~
Age: 16
Abel and his brother Cain are strange indeed, you can find them camped out living in the forest on the estate grounds. They have set up quite the compound, complete with a small tree house, and fire pit. They are rarely seen, and never venture to the house, no one really knows why Lord Dunraven tolerates their presence. However strange noises in the dead of night can be heard, and some have even said they have seen the boys dancing around the fire and chanting; as if performing rituals. Abel is the innocent, kinder, and much meeker of the duo. He often gets curious of the manor and will venture closer to the house.
Looks like: Jaco van den Hoven

Cain Girard ~
Age: 18
Cain and his brother are the strange pair that inhabit a small campground out in the Dunraven Woods, if you go looking you can often find them in their treehouse during the day; however they are rarely seen. The two have stirred up some talk with rumors of strange noises being heard at night coming from their camp and some have even said they have witnessed the boys dancing around the fire and chanting; as if performing rituals. Cain is the stronger, and more aggressive of the two. Unlike his innocent and pure brother Cain has a much darker side.
Looks like: Jethro Cave

Hemming Edvard ~
Age: 17
Son of the Bulgarian gypsy who owns the psychic shop, Hemming seems to be quite the charmer. He often prefers to stay at the manor than with his mother, and enjoys the company of the Dunraven daughters. Hemming is suave, cultured, and sensitive; however like many things he has a unknown side. There is a reason his mother seems to fear the boy and would prefer him to stay at the manor. It has recently been noticed that Hemming's cordial moods can sour with the coming of certain nights of the month. Gossip even suggests on some late evenings he has been spotted sneaking down beneath the manor to the catacombs. Maybe if the rest of the house knew their charmer was actually a werewolf they would be somewhat shocked, but Hemming will take his secret to the grave. Behind every handsome face is some sort of beast.
Looks like: Bryton Munn

Ollie Rowan ~
Age: 18
Ollie is a native of Hallow'd Haven, and grew up on the other side of town from the strange manor. His mother often warned him to steer clear of the Dunraven Estate, claiming Lord Dunraven liked to sacrifice little boys. However Ollie has grown past such silly tales...well maybe. Ollie has done well to keep clear of the estate, but he has now taken a job working the desk at the West Wind Motel just down the road from the mansion. He must walk past the manor gates each morning and night to get home. The boy has found with each day he is drawn closer to the manor and now even finds him-self stopping by the entrance peering through the gates, maybe one day someone will let him in.
Looks like: Luke Worrall

Leighton Kaneda ~
Age: 18
Leighton is an odd boy indeed, you can try to speak to him but chances are he won't say a word. Leighton and his mother were originally from England, however they came to the estate when Leighton's father died and his mother became a mistress to Lord Dunraven. However the affair was short lived seeing his mother died only a year later, he had only been ten years old. Lord Dunraven allowed him to remain at the manor, however the two have no real relationship. Leighton rarely speaks, however he does have an enchanted voice. Leighton singing talents have almost been seen as magical, like a siren, he can ensnare and seduce with his melodies. Whether or not his motivtions are pure or dark are left to be seen.
Looks like: Lee Soo Hyuk

Liam Moore ~
Age: 20
Liam is the rugged and hardy fellow who bartends at Lucifer's. He moved to Hallow'd Haven a year or two ago and bought out a room at the Dunraven Estate, his parents once being good friends with Lord Dunraven. Liam is your typical 'man's man' and many of the girls find him quite appealing. Liam's bar tricks seem to bring him the most popularity, he has a habit of using fire in his shows. His speciality drinks are gin shots, that are literally on fire. One would think it was almost like this boy could control the element it-self, like some kind of fire demon. Talk like that is silly though, it must just be parlor tricks...right?
Looks like: Bartek Borowiec

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